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Dependable, easy-to-wear stoma coverings

Since 1971, MEDMART™ has provided products that protect and shield a neck opening stoma. With stoma shields we have served the needs of thousands of men and women who have had laryngectomies. The medical profession describes a laryngectomee as a person that has surgically lost their larynx.

MEDMART™ is dedicated to providing a high quality and effective protective stoma shield designed and manufactured to protect both night and day. Our StomaShields and StomaGuards are easy to use and some models can be worn in the shower.


StomaShield™ is an effective and disposable filtering cover specifically designed for Stoma Protection. The Medmart stoma shield is neat looking, easily concealable and can be worn night and day.

StomaShield™ is so light, you will forget you are wearing a stoma shield, and it takes only seconds to change. MEDMART's™ StomaShield™ is self-adhering. This is made possible by a non-irritating, hypoallergenic adhesive medical tape. Medmart stoma shields come to you individually packaged in a heat-sealed bag.


If the "Ready-Made" StomaShield™ is too small for your use, then you can order MEDMART's™ "Make-Your-Own" StomaShield.™ Originally requested by hospitals and patients that could not use the Medmart stoma shield standard model because of stoma size, shape, or neck location, our "Make-Your-Own" stoma shield is the answer!

Medmart stoma shields offer carefully developed materials that are just as effective as our standard StomaShield™. It comes packaged in a sanitary heat-sealed bag for easy storage. MedmartStoma’s package includes long, extra wide strips of our filtering material plus a roll of non-irritating, hypoallergenic double-sided adhesive medical tape. Additional rolls of tape may also be purchased.


The washable StomaShield™ Cover and Band also reflects MEDMART's™ desire to make life a little bit easier for laryngectomees. The StomaShield™ Cover and new adjustable Meek Band is soft and very comfortable. Medmart's stoma shield goes on and off in seconds. It fastens in front with a Velcro® fastener, not a tieback.

Our cover is light as a feather, and easy to wear. Our stoma shield is washable, so it can be used over and over again. Both Cover and Band dry almost instantly. Each StomaShield™ has its own cover with a band-attached ready for use and is individually packed in a convenient heat-sealed bag. We use a special filtering material that is non-allergenic, non-toxic, reticulated, flexible polyester urethane foam. It also offers a three-dimensional structure of skeletal strands that provide a unique filtering quality.

StomaShield™ reduces crusting and bleeding around the stoma. StomaShield™ also reduces coughing as it allows air into your lungs uniformly and will filter out most dirt and dust. Exhaling will help keep the stoma moist under StomaShield.™


The StomaGuard I™ ShowerShield is another fine, dependable non-allergenic MEDMART™ product. Our stoma guard shower shield is designed to completely shield your stoma (neck opening) when showering and washing your hair. When properly taped, the stoma guard shower shield will permit you to breathe freely while preventing the shower spray and water from entering the stoma.

Component parts include disposable tape disc, rubber housing, tubular vent, and perforated breathing filter. It comes in a zip-lock bag for easy storage. The StomaGuard I™ ShowerShield, except for the tape discs, has a lifetime guarantee under normal use and conditions StomaGuard I™ is designed and intended for use during showering only. It will not protect the stoma (airway) if the head and the neck are submerged in water.

Note: The tubular vent and filter should not be taken apart except for cleaning. Do not use for swimming.


MEDMART's™ ShowerShield makes all other shower collars or shields obsolete!

After careful design, we are now able to offer a stoma shield that goes on and off in seconds.
This is not a tieback style, it simply offers a perfect fit with our unique Velcro® fastener. Made from a lightweight, medically approved vinyl, our rubber collar stoma shield remains soft, pliable and most of all very comfortable.
Note: Do not use for swimming.


MEDMART's™ products are to be used only as specified and intended. We suggest that if medical questions arise about a stoma shield or stoma guard, you should contact your personal physician for advice. MEDMART™ cannot assume any responsibility for misuse of its products and is responsible for the highest quality of its various protective devices and accessories.

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